Crisis Response

email: if you want to be kept informed about current issues we are responding to.

We all have crises in our lives from time to time, and we get through them with our own personal strength, with the help and guidance of God, and with the kindness of others. St Margaret's Benefice has decided that we should be those "others" and to find practical ways to help those that find themselves in a crisis.  This page will provide details of current needs we are responding to and provide ways for anyone who wishes to make a difference.  

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We were delighted to welocme back Domenica Pecoraro on Sunday 16th July at St Margaret's 10.00am service -  Domenica is the Diocesan Kent Refugee Officer, and she talked to us about the work going on in our area and across the wider Kent area.

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Dover Outreach Centre has now been running for just over six months, serving Dover's vulnerable with food, support and practical help.  They, in turn, need practical support, particularly financial, to keep this vital resourse open and doing their essential work.  Click here to read their latest newsletter.

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A huge "Thank you!" goes out to those that responded so quickly to our request for bicycles for one of the new Syrian families in Walmer, to allow them to get out and about as a family - your unflinching generocity has been most appreciated.

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You can leave your donations to Dover Foodbank in the box in St Margaret's Church porch - they particularly need the following items:
  • long life fruit juice
  • instant coffee
  • jars of pasta sauce
  • evaporated milk
  • jam
  • sponge puddings (very low on stock)
  • sugar
  • dried milk

  • Though all non-perishable food items are happpily accepted.

  • dog food
  • washing-up liquid

  • We have enough of :  ladies sanitary towels; tinned meat; pasta; thank you

    (list updated as at 2nd October)

There are three organisations working together in our area to support the refugees and asylum seekers in the South East:-
  • Migrant Help are a national organisation with offices in Dover who help vulnerable migrants across the UK feel protected, safe and supported so that they are able to move forwards with their lives.  They are supporting two Syrian refugee families who have been resettled in our area, and St Margaret's is liaising closely toprovide for their needs as part of our Crisis Response strategy.
  • Kent Refugee Action Network is an independent charity based in Canterbury that provides help and support to young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees who have arrived int he UK, so they can feel safe, belong and to build hope for a better future.
  • Samphire is a Dover-based charity who have worked with the Dover Immigration Removal Centre supporting and advocating for ex-detainees who face destitution and hardship after detention.  It engages with communities to challenge widely held misconceptions about immigration.

The Diocese of Canterbury, along with KRAN and Samphire, organised the recent #Just1Thing exhibition at St Mary's church - a great eaxmple of organisations coming together and demonstrating community engagement.