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Welcome to our Gallery page!  This page is intended to show the benefice from your point of view, so we would really like you to send in via email any photographs of events, scenes around the villages, people and places who you think make the benefice such a special place.  

St Margaret's Brass & Flower Guild staged a magnificent Christmas Tree & Nativity Crib Festival at the end of November 2018. Huge thanks to everyone who made this such a wonderful event, particularly all the exhibitors, who put such a lot of thought and imagination into their displays.

CTF2018_pic1     CTF2018_pic10CTF2018_pic11CTF2018_pic12CTF2018_pic13

CTF2018_pic14   CTF2018_pic15CTF2018_pic16CTF2018_pic17A magnificent flock of sheep from the Saturday Service families!

The beautiful and varied Nativity Cribs on display up at the altar - a lovely peaceful setting for these gentle scenes.
CTF2018_pic18   CTF2018_pic21CTF2018_pic20

CTF2018_pic4    CTF2018_pic5CTF2018_pic8CTF2018_pic7

CTF2018_pic9    CTF2018_pic6The lghts were dazzling!

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St Peter's Church, Westcliffe celebrated Harvest and their 2016 Gift Day with a beautifully decorated church:-

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Teddy Bear Parachute Jump, 14th June 2015
Here are a wonderful selection of photos from our Teddy Bear Parachute Jump.


Talking to the              Check-In Team going through          Waiting nervously at the        Lifting gear down, parachutes       The crowds             Last checks for the Tower 
Tower Team                   documentation                                  Boarding Bench                      attached!                                    await!                             Team


Angus the Shire      Watching more brave jumpers        Recovery Team removes 'chutes,     ...where they get      Certificates were awarded -          Recover Team is     Not everyone had
horse is launched!                   come down                        gives a health check and returns      a well-deserved        Sheepy was so brave!                   kept busy               a straight forward
                                                                                           them to their owner...                       cuddle!                                                                                                            descent!


Rainbow Bear             Abney hung about   Baby Blue Blee         The Ground Crew pause while        It's amazing how far you can         Everyone is returned safe and
wanted a closer         on a crossing wire   decided to join him!    the Rescue Squad gets to work    reach with a big stick                                     sound!
look at the trees

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Easter Children's Craft Workshop and visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Tuesday 15th April 2014
What a wonderful day this was, full of joy, fun and laughter with the overwhelming feeling of sharing in something special.

Scrumptious cake, Teresa!

Chat and craft - a very sociable mix!

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We were blessed on June 15th with a visit from the wonderful Ramsbergs Church Choir from Sweden.  The singing was magnificent and the friendship and sense of community that was fostered between us will, we hope, last for a long time.  Here are a selection of photographs take by Bob Wainwright on the night of the concert:-

Enjoy these lovely photos from the evening of the concert.

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St Margaret's Flower Festival (September 15th & 16th 2012) was a wonderful weekend showcasing the talents of our community groups.  They created the most fantastic displays which were much admired by our many visitors, as were the delicious cakes:-

St Margaret's Flower & Brass Guild created the perfect combination of colours to reflect the hues in the robes, and the delphiniums were the exact shade of the blue in the windows above the altar.

The Saturday Service congregation used a variety of craft materials and techniques for their display, since craft activities form an integral part of our services.

The Parish Council made an informative display to highlight their work, and it was set off perfectly by the red and white flowers.

St Margaret's & District Gardeners' Association created a magnificent show of Autumnal colours to compliment a terrific display showing the interesting history of this long-standing village organisation.

The ladies of the 
Craft Club made two displays - one festooned with samples of their amazing craft work, and another showing their skills at floral design.

The Bowls Club managed to perfectly match the colours in their display with their banner, and included a set of floral bowls made from chrysanthemums!

St Margaret's Women's Institute produced a beautiful white display accompanied by examples of things their group are involved with.  This display lasted a particularly long time.

The Friends of St Margaret's Church used a wonderful variety of unusual flowers and vegetation, along with details of the church's history, to create a real show stopper.  The hydrangas were particularly beautiful in lovely muted shades.

St Margaret's Tennis Club showed off their creative side by draping a tennis net down a column and making tennis balls out of flowers!

The History Society produced a terrific display showing some fascinating insights into the history of our village.  Their floral display was a wonderfully creative arrangement, taking five aspects of our village environment and imaginatively selecting a range of flowers and vegetation to represent them.

St Margaret's Primary School's Welly Boot Club made an imaginative display of flower collages made by each member, which were hung on a hand made willow wigwam.

It really was a lovely weekend and we were really heartened by the appreciative comments from our hundreds of visitors over the two days.  Their amazing generosity meant that we raised 1000 to go towards the upkeep of our Grade I listed church and the wonderful worship and outreach that emanated from it.

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The Teddy Bear Parachute Jump, 3rd June 2012, was part of St Margaret's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.  Have a look and see what went on - 

Check-in, Pawsports checked, numbers attached

The queues are forming, so 

The crowd gathers in anticipation         

Some eager

Trudie the Zebra has a last minute cuddle!

Olivia Bear proudly shows her Pawsport

The Lahaye Clan get ready

Teresa takes the first
batch to the Boarding

Rosie with the box of parachutes

He's smiling now...

Boy George and Grizzly Gooner ready with their Pawsports

The Tower Team prepare the ropes

Final rigging of the hauling mechanism

View from the top

May the Rabbit looking a little nervous

Daisy Bear ready to go!

Trudie the Zebra on her way down

Dasher the Reindeer floats elegantly on the breeze

The watching crowd

Caribo having a good look around

Elmer the Elephant gets a little too close to the bushes!

Rosie doing sterling work on the radio with the tower team

Announcing the next jumper

Toby looking very relaxed

A gentle landing

Yet another trip to the top for the bucket!

Elizabeth bear floats regally down

The Boarding Lounge team proved extremely efficient at attaching and removing parachutes!

All in all, we had a terrific time and I am sure all the cuddlies did too!  The only first aid needed was for a human who had cut their finger!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Harvest Festival 2011 Displays in our beautiful churches around the benefice: 
Our dedicated church decorators have done an amazing job to celebrate harvest, and the outstanding weather made it a stunning end to the Summer season. Here are some pictures from around the benefice - 

St Mary's, West Langdon:

St Augustine's, East Langdon:

St Peter's, Westcliffe had their Harvest Festival Service on Sunday (25th September) and the church looked fabulous, with some really beautiful Harvest decorations, as you can see from the following pictures:-

A fantastic display
that really makes the
church look beautiful.

Well done to everyone
who made such a 
great celebration of

Winter Wonderland Gallery
We are starting in Winter 2010/2011 with some beautiful snowscapes, rather apt given the current weather, because they show the beauty in our surroundings and bring out the child in us, most appropriate when we are in the season of Advent, waiting for a child to be born.

Looking towards the village from Westcliffe

St Margaret's Church


The top of Sea View Road

The Lighthouse, taken from The Front